Escape lovers!

Welcome to a whole new series of Escape games, developed by SkillPlanet.

The games are played in ACTUAL 3D. The player moves freely through space, which provides more realistic room perception.

The main task is the same as always – to free yourself from somewhere by solving various problems, using a sharp eye and a whole lot of intuitivity.

The games may slightly affect your computer’s performance, but it is still totally acceptable. Play KIDNAP and OFF COURSE in Chrome, Firefox or Edge and check out whether your computer meets the required specifications. And enjoy, of course!

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In the meantime the ultimate Escape Adventure is being created, called ALUCINAT. Containing a variety of puzzles, an original screenplay, and a mysterious atmosphere, it is to be released some time in December 2018.
The largest Point-And-Click Escape Adventure, yet even easier on the computer’s performance – ALUCINAT !

You can check out the ALUCINAT trailer here.


In addition to all the escaping you can check out some quick games
from the top menu. Have fun!