You are locked inside myterious premises.
Find out what is reality and what is mirage, and escape.
Think outside the box.
Make sure the sound is enabled.
The game is automatically saved as you make progress, so you can resume it or start anew any time.

The ultimate 3D Escape Adventure – ALUCINAT is RELEASED! The countdown occured on December 24th at noon C.E.T. on the SkillPlanet FB site.

However, as a Christmas gift, it is going to be freely available for one week only, up to January 1st, 2019. After that it will be encoded, and playable only by submitting a small donation. We sincerely regret such outcome, but in order to ensure further development of games, our team can no longer work on pure volontary basis. Thank you for understanding.
Until then, the password for playing ALUCINAT is “gift”.

It is way passed January 1st 2019, so we should have locked the game by now.
However, due to all our fans writing, and still struggling to resolve Alucinat, we decided to postpone the lockdown, and keep it open for some time more. Here you will find a notification approximately one week prior to the actual locking. Untill then, have fun!



You can now play ALUCINAT on your Android platform mobile phone. Just download the application from and enjoy.