Do not forget to use all the navigation buttons, especially the Look Up and Look Down buttons on the left side of the screen.


Collect the coin from the glass on the shelf.
Solve the image on the wall next to the rotting door, by switching the tiles’ positions. A wooden door appears. It is locked.
Lift up the toilet seat cover and pick up the grey piece.
Click underneath the computer desk and collect the white box. Inspect the box in the inventory and turn it around by clicking it.
Turn on the computer by entering the correct arrow sequence: R – L – L – L – R – L , followed by the power button. The arrows are visible through the bar gate on the opposite wall.
Choose Local Disk menu and then Drag Images. Every image can be faded to dark by dragging the mouse over the image to the left. By dragging the third image, two white arrows will pop out of the wall pattern, indicating the spot in the room where you have to click. Exit the computer, find that spot in the room and click it.
You get a view behind the cupboard. Pick up the key. Unlock and open the wooden door. Collect two items, a screwdriver and a cloth. Try putting the cloth on and off the objects, such as the drone, the book nearby or the cube on the shelf. It is a clue for later on.
Now get back to the computer and choose Local Disk menu and then Start Quiz. Play the quiz until you get all the answers right. If you answered everything correctly you clicked the following answer designators: 1 – R, 2 – E, 3 – S, 4 – C, 5 – U, 6 – E . Exit the computer and change the inscription on the cupboard to R E S C U E. Open the cupboard. Collect the item to the right. It is an IR sensor. You can also try putting the cloth onto the broken-heeled shoe. It is a clue for later on.
Place the IR sensor above the rotting door between the two hook-like holders. Now this door will automatically open every time you approach it.
When the door opens there is a strange number on the wall. Click the suitcase on the RESCUE cupboard. Do exactly the following: Move the slider to 52 and release it. Move the slider to 36 and release it. Move the slider to 72 and release it. Move the slider to 54 and release it. Do not drop the slider on any other number. If that happens click the open button to reset and start over. Finally press the open button. The suitcase opens.
You can try putting the cloth on and off the objects, such as the wrench, the picture or the loudspeakers. It is a clue for later on.
Solve the black & white image on the wall by rotating each circle separately and press the green button.
On the oval desk with sticks along the edges there’s a triangular shape. Approach it from the other side and insert the coin into it.
Go to room 1 and pick up the glass. Dip the glass into the water in the toilet seat. The glass is full of water. Pour it into the vase with a light bulb in room 2. The bulb emerges. Collect it.
Place the bulb into the lamp and turn on the light. Follow the pointing shadow fingers on the brick wall and click the pointed brick 3 times.
Pick up the fallen brick. Press the button in the brick wall.
There is a broken bar on the work desk, next to the wrench. Hit the bar with the brick. Collect the bar.
Go back to the lamp and click the cone-shaped part on the top of the lamp, to unscrew it and collect it.
Put the cone-shaped part on the top of the mincing machine on the work desk. It gets screwed down.
You can try putting the cloth on and off the objects on the shelves. It is a clue for later on.
Click the trash bin in the corner and see what happens. Repeat that as many times as you like. It is a clue for later on.
Locate the loose tile on the wooden floor and click it. Then take the broken bar and crack the tile out. Collect the coin.
Look down into the sink. There’s a strainer with a screw in the middle. Unscrew it with a screwdriver. Then pick up the strainer.
Go to the mincing machine in room 2 and insert the strainer into the hole above the tray.
Insert the coin into the machine from the top and turn the lever. Two coins will roll into the tray. Pick up one.
In room 3 there’s a boxy machine on the middle shelf. Insert the coin there. Pick up the USB flash drive. Insert it into the computer in room 1.
Enter the computer again and choose USB Flash Drive option from the main menu. Print the image. Exit the computer and collect the paper from the printer. Inspect the image in the inventory. There’s a number missing at the bottom. Throughout the image the first digit is increasing by 1, the second digit is increasing by 2, the third digit is increasing by 3 and the fourth digit is increasing by 4. So the missing number is 72,65.
Enter 72,65 at the cupboard in room 2. Open the cupboard and collect the piece inside it. Stick it onto what remained of previously broken bar on the work desk. You get a key-shaped form. On top of that put the white box from the inventory.
Collect the paper from the box. Inspect the paper in the inventory to reveal it.
Place the paper onto the torn image on the wall in room 1. Remember the layout of the colors. Then go to room 3 where the color changing castles are. Stop each castle at the right color, until all the colors are set according to the paper in room 1. The window opens.
Click the only tile visible and solve the whole image by remembering the correct sequence of revealing the tiles. At the bottom the grey piece no. 2 is released. Pick it up.
Go to the boxy machine on the middle shelf and put both grey pieces in the appropriate places. All buttons get different colors.
In room 1 move the trash bin under the suitcase. There’s a number on the wall. Click the number. It changes the color. Now repeat the same procedure 8 times:
1. room 1, the book on the shelf
2. room 1, put down the toilet seat cover
3. room 2, the tray on the work desk
4. room 2, click the number on the side of the cupboard
5. the passage between rooms 2 and 3, click the number
6. room 3, click the number on the wall
7. room 3, click the number on the top shelf, visible by looking up
8. inspect the brick in the inventory
Now you have this color order: 1 – green, 2 – blue, 3 – green, 4 – red, 5 – blue, 6 – pink, 7 – red, 8 – blue, 9 – orange. In this order the colored buttons (on the boxy machine on the middle shelf) should be pressed. First pressed is the green button, second pressed is the blue button and so on. In the end press the EJECT button. A battery rolls out of the machine. Pick it up and put it inside the drone in room 1.
Now? Go to room 3 to the remote-control desk? Wrong!
Cover the drone with the cloth. The drone is invisible. NOW go to room 3 to the remote-control desk and turn it on.
Fly the drone through the bars into the lobby. Feel free to take a look around. After all, you are invisible. Take a snapshot of the image on the wall and exit the drone mode.
Back to the computer in room 1: you need to figure out the code. Click the black sign over the shoe. It forms a word WHEELS. Inspect the image in the inventory. There are 3 vehicles, one with 2 wheels, one with 4 wheels, and one with 6 wheels. So the numbers in the code are 2, 4 and 6. However, the black dots below the code indicate that the first number is the lowest and the second one is the highest. So the correct code is 2-6-4.
Next you get a colorful diagram. Print it, exit the computer and collect the printed sheet.
Approach the image of a nice landscpe with a snake in room 3, and click it. Now click the black lines and curves in the picture until, in the lower red-yellow-blue part, you get the exact same line pattern as the red-yellow-blue lines of the diagram in the inventory. When you finally succeed, you get a solving order for the image puzzle on the top of the room 2 cupboard. Use it!
Open the cupboard drawer in room 2. Switch the word positions and put the sentences in order. In each line there should be words of one language only. Which ever order of the languages (flags) will do, just remember it.
Go to the suitcase in room 1 and note the 3 red buttons to the left. Feel free to press them and, at the same time, to rotate the yellow sign in the center. Now whatever language order you fixed in the drawer, the red buttons represent the 3 languages (flags): top button – top flag, middle button – middle flag, lower button – lower flag. So, for each button separately, rotate the yellow center sign according to the sail position of the adjacent boat in the ‘BOATS’ image on the wall. For example: if you placed the Spanish words in the top line, press the top red button and rotate the central sign according to the sail of the boat with the Spanish flag. And so on. When done, click OPEN. If you get it right, a magnetic card pops out. Pick it up.
Now? Insert the card next to the bar gate and escape? Wrong! You will be caught. Or shot.
Instead, go to room 3 and click the trash bin again. Then, as soon as the green navigation dot reappears, while the guard is still checking room 3, move to the bar gate in room 1 as quickly as possible, and insert the card.
There you go. Now call the police. Bye.