Do not forget to use all the navigation buttons, as well as the QUICK MOVE buttons on the right side of the screen.

Pick up the vault, the helmet, the mobile phone, the first brown piece (asteroid piece) and the paper. In order to pick up an item, you have to click it twice (since everything is floating in space).
There is a cover panel on the side of the closet. Click 3 times to remove it. Now solve the world map image.
Open the closet.
Collect the blue piece and the hanging hook.
Approach the four-legged brown bench. Click to remove it. Put the vault on its place.
Inspect the paper in the inventory. It reveals a clue. Use it to open the vault.
Collect the duck from the vault.
There is a big padlock up high on the grey wall. Unlock it with the duck. The wall opens.
Collect the second asteroid piece.
Approach the communication board and insert the blue piece into it. The control panel is now on.
Send a message to control center. They reply. Print it. Note the 3 signs around the text.
Go to rotating circles on the wall and align those 3 signs. Then press the check mark button and pick up the remote control before it floats away.
Behind the communication board there is an exit door with a panel on the left side. Click the panel with the remote control in hand. The first door opens. Now get into the chamber between the two doors. Put the helmet on. Use one panel to close the inner door, and the other one to open the outer door. Get out. Have a look around.
At the back of the shuttle there is a propeller with red wings. The number 190 is on it. Get back inside (inside/outside button) and approach the blue ‘first aid’ case (with 5 red wings in a white circle, same as the propeller). You can take off the helmet. The letters on the case are actually Roman numerals. Make them display 190, that is CXC.
Collect the patch.
Put on the helmet. Go outside (inside/outside button) and move all the way behind the shuttle, where the leaking fuel tank is. Place the patch onto the leak.
Get inside to the communication board and send another message. Print the reply and inspect the picture. Note the sunshade colors layout. By rotating the pieces on the panel above the first aid case, blend the middle square colors, so they match the colors on the sunshade. Then press the check mark button. A spider web pops out. Pick it up before it floats away.
There is a piece of spider web right above the exit door. Attach the spider web from the inventory to complete it.
Go to the vault and pick up the spider. Put it onto the spider web. A key pops out. Pick it up before it floats away.
Use the key to unlock the small door in the closet. Collect the antenna. Attach it to the broken antenna holder on the old radio set.
Select the mobile phone from the inventory. Drag its touch-screen until the Earth is right in the middle of the window and the light turns from red to green. Release the mouse button while the light is green.
Go to the communication board again and send another message. Print the reply and inspect the picture. There are 3 persons in it. Now go outside and take a look at each window. There is an image of a person under each window. The shapes of the windows are different. That is, each window has a unique layout of the square corners. Remember it and go inside to the coo-coo clock. The 3 tiles represent the 3 persons, that is the 3 windows. For exaple: the left tile (woman) should have a lower right corner, since the adjacent window’s square corner is lower right. And so on.
Switch the tiles until they all match the adjacent windows. A lever pops out. Pick it up before it floats away.
Go to the control panel and complete the eject lever. An asteriod piece hits the shuttle. The shuttle stops moving.
Go outside and find the asteroid piece stuck in the propeller. Pick it up with the hook.
Go inside to a broken asteroid on the wall. Attach the 3 asteroid pieces to it. An image of the stars is rotating.
Go outside and take a good look all around the sky. You should see the 4 digit eject code.
Enter this code in the control panel inside and pull the lever.
Prepare your parachute and make a phone call home to see if the dinner is ready. Bye.